January 9th Is “National Citizens Day”… A Day to Show That WE Get to Decide Which Politicians Are Fired or Elected and Which Companies Fail or Succeed

In response to an article I wrote, Carol says:

We need is someone to set the agenda, to Name a Day for the country’s disenfranchised to show up in Washington. And I believe we’re all disenfranchised at the moment.

Alright, unless somebody has a better idea …

I’m declaring January 9th National Citizens Day.

National Citizens Day will be a day to:

(1) Honor and celebrate the power of the American Citizen

(2) The fact that the American Citizens own the country, the government, and all its employees, who serve at their will


(3) The fact that the American consumer – who drives 70% of the American economy – dictates which companies succeed and which fail with his or her purchasing decisions

Here are traditional and appropriate ways to celebrate National Citizens Day:

May you have a happy and empowering National Citizens Day. It’s the American thing to do.

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