Physicist: “What They Are Doing Is Basically Using Squirt Guns Against a Raging Forest Fire” … Japanese Should Use the Chernobyl Approach Instead

World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku (known for being a leading string theorist) told MSNBC that dropping water from helicopters is pointless, and advocates using the Chernobyl approach instead:

[Kaku] What they are doing is basically using squirt guns against a raging forest fire.


It’s not effective, because the workers cannot get close enough to put water here. That’s why I would personally advocate the Chernobyl option. Do what Gorbachev did, call out the Japanese air force, get the army to bring a fleet of helicopters armed with sand, boric acid and concrete, entomb it, bury it in concrete.

[Question] So the sand and — the approach they use in Chernobyl . Is it too early to do that?

[Kaku] They keep saying that the thing is stable. That’s like saying you’re hanging on your fingernails and saying it’s stable, stable, every six hours it gets worse. If I was the prime minister, I would put the air force on standby, get the helicopters in case they have to exercise the Chernobyl option.

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