For Only $10 Million Dollars, We Could Put the Petrochemical Pesticide Industry Out of Business

The world’s leading mushroom expert, mycologist Paul Stamets, has patents in the U.S. and Australia to kill all social insects without pesticides.

Specifically, while insects have a strong insect to stay away from fungi that are poisonous to them, Stamets has found a way to grow and prepare fungi in a way that the insects are attracted to, instead of scared away by. See this and this.

As Utne Reader noted in 2005:

Costing a mere 25 cents per application to produce, this invention, [Stamets] says, could put the petrochemical pesticide industry out of business.

Stamets said in a recent talk that it would cost $10-20 million dollars to bring this breakthrough to market.

In an era when the entire global financial system is in turmoil, the fiat ponzi scheme is collapsing, and bees (upon which most of the food chain depend) and many other beneficial organisms are being wiped out by pesticides, Stamets’ business idea is worth supporting (it doesn’t harm bees). And given issues like peak oil and the nasty consequences of overuse of petroleum products, it would help in other ways as well.

If I had a spare $10M lying around, I would invest in Stamets’ venture. To contact Stamets about investing (especially if you have a couple of million you want to deploy), contact him at his company Fungi Perfecti.

For more of Stamets’ brilliant work, see this and this.

Disclaimer: None. I have never met or spoken with Stamets, and have no stake in any of his ventures.

I am not an investment adviser, and this is not investment advice.

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