Fun With Google Translate

If you hit the “Listen” button, Google translate will say words out loud with the correct accent.

This is usually helpful for learning a foreign language. But when Google doesn’t know how to translate from English, the results can be amusing.

Here are five expressions which Google doesn’t know how to translate into French, and which are funny when Google pronounces them out loud:

Hit the “Listen” button on the right, and listen to the French pronunciation.

The Wall Street booster-in-chief deserves special attention.

For more crude (nsfw) expressions, there is:

  • This one reflecting conventional investment advice
  • This one for Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner
  • And – given the wholesale regulatory capture of virtually politician by Wall Street – this expression could come in handy in a wide variety of circumstances

Note: I’m not sure these work on mobile devices. Try ’em on your pc or laptop.

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