Obama Still Wall Street’s Honey … Raises More (As Both Raw Amount And Percentage) From Wall Street Than In 2008

Money News notes:

A just-released study by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that President Obama is relying more on Wall Street to fund his re-election this year than he did in 2008, according to CNBC, which obtained an advance copy of the report.


Obama has even added new Wall Streeters who did not work for him in 2008, including former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine, Evercore Partners executive Charles Myers, Greenstreet Real Estate Partners CEO Steven Green, and Azita Raji, a former investment banker for JPMorgan.

Obama and the DNC combined are on pace to far exceed the amounts Obama raised from Wall Street donors in 2008, both in raw dollar amounts and as a percentage of what he raises overall.

Mr. Obama is bought and paid for. He wasn’t “bullied” into accepting a bad debt deal … Republicans weren’t even calling for much of what he caved in on.

In truth and fact, Obama has fought to sell out the American people from day one.

And the Democratic party – just like the Republicans – are institutionalizing fraud as official (if unspoken) party platforms.

Politicians allowing systemic fraud in return for campaign contributions are exactly the same as cops on the take … or pimps.

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