The Super Congress: Taxation Without Representation

Preface: I am wholly non-partisan, and think that both Republicans and Democrats are missing the boat on the debt debate. Indeed, the Super Congress is a bipartisan idea, and thus both parties are equally to blame.

The top Democratic debt negotiators – President Obama and Senator Reid – as well as powerful Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi all said today that taxes may well be a part of the next phase of the debt package.

It would be one thing if Congress members and Senators who were accountable to the voters raised taxes which helped people.

But any tax increases enacted by the wholly-unaccountable “Super Congress” in order to fund (past and future) imperial wars of adventure and bailouts for the Wall Street fraudsters is taxation without representation.

This would especially be true if taxes hit the little guy, instead of the top .1% who have made out like bandits from the fraud-induced “great recession”.

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