Police Brutalize Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

New York Police Mace, Brutalize and Arrest Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

According to various reports, New York City Police have maced, brutalized and arrested peaceful Wall Street protesters.

Here is a video of peaceful female protesters penned in an orange mesh barricade and then allegedly maced:

Here is a protester getting pinned down with a knee on his throat:

Here is a video of a protester allegedly arrested simply for talking to an officer:

Here is a video of another incident:

There are also reports that the police have confiscated cameras and other reporting equipment, and arrested reporters.

The Wall Street Journal notes that 80 protesters were arrested.

The cover of the New York Daily News reads:

Cops smack down dozens during protests
Its Wail Street

The protesters issued a press release today stating:

A march of about 2,000 citizens marched peacefully demanding that the voice of the 99% be heard. This peaceful march called We Are the 99%, was done in solidarity with the #occupywallstreet movement. The movement is entering its second week
and is gaining momentum both locally and nationally. Many more rallies and escalating actions are planned for the coming week. The occupation will continue indefinitely.

The NYPD attacked the crowd of peaceful protesters and conducted mass arrests of marchers near Union Square with orange netting, sweeping up Reports of some injuries.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is a people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy.

#occupwallstreet is currently located at Liberty Square, formerly named Zucotti Park.

Here is the Twitter feed for the protest, and here is a livestream:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

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