Covering the Leaking Reactors At Fukushima With Tents Will Only INCREASE Global Exposure to Radiation

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Will Be Spread By Use of Tents

When I first heard that Tepco will place large tents over its leaking Fukushima reactors, I reacted with derision, as did Tyler Durden:

Artist’s impression of this latest Japanese venture:

My reaction a couple of weeks later – after seeing an actual artist’s rendering of what the tents would actually look like – was hope that the tents would at least keep radiation from spreading worldwide through the air, even if they didn’t do anything to prevent contamination of Japan’s groundwater or the Pacific Ocean.

But nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that the tents – while helping to protect workers at Fukushima – will actually increase the dispersion of radioactive gases. Specifically, Tepco will pump radiation out through stacks, which will push radiation up to a higher elevation, dispersing it even further around the world.

Gundersen says that Fukushima is still emitting huge quantities of radiation.

Burning Radioactive Materials Will Also Spread Radiation Globally

Along with the widespread Japanese practice of burning materials irradiated by Fukushima – which is sending another wave or radiation worldwide – the tents and stacks will only worsen the global exposure to Fukushima’s radiation.

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