No, There Is NOT a List of Official Demands from the Protesters

Numerous reporters, commentators and analysts have pointed to the Wall Street protesters “List of Demands” and criticized it for including demands they dislike or failing to demands which they think are essential.

But one of the main organizers for the protests just told me that – at this point – all such lists are just the suggestions of various individuals and not the official demands of the protesters as a whole.

I can announce with 100% confidence that – at this point – there is no official list of demands. Any lists – such as this and this – are solely one person’s suggestions.

But high-level economists support the protests, so don’t write them off as being uninformed or without goals or focus. The mainstream media should “play dumb” … everyone knows what “We’re the 99%” means, and that the failure of the richest 1% to follow the rule of law or the wishes of the American people, and their corruption and manipulation of the economic and political system are some of the core structural problems which must be changed.

And if you want to create a list of demands you think is appropriate, go ahead … but it won’t be the “official” list from the protesters as a whole.

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