WWII Vet to Wall Street Protesters: “I Am So Proud Of All You People”

WWII and Other Military Vets Support Wall Street Protest

A reader posted the following comment regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests:

I am so proud of all you people who are showing your back bones, to stand up and put a stop to the Banking cartel, who is defining History, by insisting that We The People, use their Fiat Money system. Our Constitution states, that Only Gold and Silver shall be used as lawful Money. The So Called Federal Government, is really only to have Ten Square Miles, in which to conduct their so called wisdom to Protect the Sovereign States. But look at how much territory they call, Federal lands etc. We Have a rouge Government, which is completely out of control. Your movements of collective peaceful protests, are the beginning of the end for the crooked Fiat Money people. I am a WWII Vet, South Pacific Campaign. 94 years young, handy capped, from War Injuries. I want you to know from my Heart, I am so proud of each and every one of you. So Hang in there, your movement is just what this Country needs.

I’m not certain whether the reader is one of these gentlemen attending the Occupy Wall Street protests:



In fact, military men of all ages support the protests:

Vietnam Vet

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