Show Support for OWS so the Mainstream Media Can’t Marginalize It As a Fringe Movement

Social proof is the well-known principle stating that people will believe something if most other people believe it. And see this.  In other words, most people have a herd instinct.

So if people see only a couple of thousand protesters supporting the Occupy protests, they’ll forget that they represent the 99%. (Especially since the 1% media is trying to portray the protests as a couple of dirty hippies).

Indeed, public support for the Occupy protests is slipping … apparently because the media is focusing on police interactions with the protesters, instead of their actual message.

For that reason, it is vital that everyone who supports the Occupy movement show it – so that the mainstream media can’t paint it as a fringe movement – by wearing buttons, bumper stickers, posters or on signs for our windows:

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