Ron Paul and Occupy Protests Join Forces In Demanding an End to Crony Capitalism

All Americans – On the Left and the Right – Demand and End to Crony Capitalism

As I have repeatedly noted, libertarian conservatives and Occupy Wall Street protesters have a lot more in common than the mainstream media would have us believe … we all want to end crony capitalism:

“You can build this movement to unite America around this idea that the time for crony capitalism must come to an end,” [progressive law professor Lawrence Lessig] said. “There is no one on the left or the right who defends the system of crony capitalism, they just practice it.”


Conservatives are wary of big government and liberals are wary of big corporations, but that all Americans hate the system of crony capitalism (also known as “socialism” or “fascism”) which we have today.

Similarly, Ron Paul said last week – referring to the occupy protests:

If you’re going after crony capitalism, I’m all for it.


[Crony capitalists are the ones] that benefit from contract from government, benefit from the Federal Reserve, benefit from all the bailouts. They don’t deserve compassion. They deserve taxation or they deserve to have all their benefits removed.


But crony capitalism isn’t when someone makes money and they produce a product …. That is very important. We need to distinguish the two. And unfortunately I think some people mix that.

Let’s put aside our differences – and avoid the divide-and-conquer trap which the powers-that-be are always trying to push us into – until we can end crony capitalism.

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