December 14th: National Day of Action Against the Use of the Military WITHIN the United States

December 14th: National Day of Action Against the Use of the Military In the United States

Kevin Zeese – one of the main Occupy D.C. organizers – writes:

The military’s role in the United States has been growing. In 2002 President Bush established NorthCom, a military command inside the United States based in Colorado with additional bases in Alaska, Florida, Texas, Virginia and the DC area. On October 1, 2008, the 3rd Infantry Division (United States)’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was assigned to U.S. Northern Command, marking the first time an active unit had been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command. In 2008, the Pentagon announced plans to deploy 20,000 troops inside the United States, set to be trained by 2011. The change in law in the new Defense Authorization comes at a time of rapidly creeping domestic military expansion.


One of the gravest grievances described in the Declaration of Independence was the misuse of standing armies against the colonialists. Numerous state constitutions declared standing armies a threat to liberty and the U.S. Constitution showed antipathy to militarism. Now, the Congress and President Obama are prepared to turn the military against Americans and allow indefinite military detention without any finding of guilt.

(Zeese is right: see this, this, this and this.)

And former high-level military officers say that the new bill authorizing indefinite detention of Americans will hand the terrorists a big win … and is a big step towards tyranny at home.  Ron Paul says that it will establish martial law in America (and no, Obama will not veto it … he’s the one who asked for it).

What can we do about it?

Truthout suggests we Occupy the Police State”.

And Zeese writes:

If the elites think military force against Americans will quell the revolt of the people they are wrong; it will have the opposite effect and fuel the revolt against the elites.


Wednesday, December 14th is a national day of action against the use of the military in the United States.


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