Interesting comment from reader Denny.

1. Stop buying corporate whenever possible. Their most revered goal is the bottom line. Affect that and they will suddenly become more reasonable. Resist.

2. Get to know your neighbors better until trust is achieved. Resist.

3. Bring your family closer. Soon, for many of us, family will be the only thing we will be consistently able to rely upon. Global corporatists are actively trying to isolate us further. They’ve managed to deeply affect the extended family and now the nuclear family is in their sights. They firmly believe the more isolated an individual is, the more products they can sell. They also firmly believe that breaking up families makes human beings more vulnerable and easier to manipulate. They’re correct. Resist.

4. Address your psychology, i.e., the psychology of consumption. We are not ‘consumers’, but citizens entitled to the rights of human beings everywhere. More is not necessarily better. ‘Stuff’ does not provide happiness. If the elites with all their ‘stuff’ were happy then they wouldn’t be waging war on the rest of us. Resist.

5. Prepare to live with less, earn less and use less. To engage this is actually a blessing. It is an art form, a spiritual approach to being a soulful human being. It WILL make us stronger, less prone to the corruptions exemplified in the behavior of the elites and in the end – invincible. Resist.

6. We do not understand our own power. Look around you. Almost everything you see was not only made, but created by people like yourselves. Most of the horrors existing on earth were engendered by the elites, WITH OUR CO-OPERATION. Without our consent, most of the terrifying situations existing in our world will cease to exist. Resist. It certainly may be difficult initially, but it grows easier moment by moment.

Think of your loved ones when thinking about changing your life. Let’s work to have a sane and healthy planet to pass on to our children. Remember – Resist!

Resist! Resist! You are not alone!

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