Demand that Candidates Put America First

Demand that Candidates Pledge to Protect America

High-level American officials have admitted that the U.S. – like most other countries – has used “false flag” attacks to rally support for their political goals.

Many have called on all presidential, Congressional and other political candidates to sign a pledge promising to protect America and its people, and not to allow any false flag attacks on American soil.

We urge people attending political speeches, rallies, caucuses, interviews, dinners and meet-and-greets to demand that candidates sign the pledge.

Note: If candidates do believe that false flag attacks have been carried out before, then they shouldn’t hesitate to sign since “Americans don’t do this”.

Update:  We were forwarded the following email written by an attorney:

Please support enactment of FALSE FLAG PROHIBITION ACT, making it a high felony for any US official, citizen, agent, operative or ally, to:

plan, conspire, orchestrate, commit, counsel, conceal, exploit or knowingly place wrongful blame on:

(a) any event or occurrence, intended to generate fear over the general population as a pretext to engage in:

(1) hostile conflict, in or with foreign countries, and/or

(2), loss of civil rights to the US population.

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