Should Washington’s Blog Launch a Radio Show?


We are toying with the idea of launching a radio show and offering podcasts.

I’ve been told that I have a great voice for radio, and I enjoy on-the-fly commentary (just ask my wife) and conversations.  I’m also good at talking to a lot of different kinds of people.

And while I am a busy professional and former professor, I’m also a long-time musician and singer, and so the program could be a mix of politics, economics, science and music.

I would only consider launching a radio show if I can get great guests … because I think my show would only be good if I spoke with great people.

I have previously interviewed (in print) some leading experts in various fields.  I also have numerous high-level readers.

So 2 questions:

(1) Are honest politicians, leading experts and commentators willing to come on my show;


(2) Would readers interested enough in this possible show that you would visit Washington’s Blog more often? Would people consider donating if we provided radio programming?


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