Since the U.S. Has Been Planning Regime Change In Syria For Decades, I Guess the Little Things Like Working On the Same Side as Al Qaeda – or the Risk of Picking a Fight with Nuclear Powers China and Russia – Are Ignored

U.S. Confirms Syrian Bombings Were Carried Out By Al Qaeda “Opposition” … But We’re Still Fighting On Their Side

AP reports:

Top U.S. intelligence officials told Congress Thursday that al-Qaida of Iraq was likely behind a series of bombings against the Syrian regime in recent months.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said bombings against security and intelligence targets in Damascus and Aleppo bear “all the earmarks of an al-Qaida-like attack”, leading the U.S. intelligence community to believe the Iraqi militant branch is extending its reach into Syria.

(this corroborates the Arab League’s findings.)

This is interesting for two reasons.

First, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until the U.S. invaded in 2003:

(Despite the repeated attempts by the U.S. to link Saddam to 9/11.)

Second, the U.S., Israel and its allies are fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda: against the Syrian government.

As I noted yesterday, Syria will hold elections and enact a new Constitution in less than two weeks.

But the U.N passed a resolution today calling for Syrian president (Bashar al-Assad) to resign. The U.S. and Israel will try to use this as a proclamation of “international backing” for an invasion of Syria.

Russia said today it does not support regime change:

The deputy minister also said that Russia does not intend to persuade Syrian President Bashar Assad to accept the Arab League’s proposal on sending a joint LAS and UN peacekeeping force to Damascus.

Russia opposes any regime change, or removal of President Assad. In addition, Moscow insists on recognizing the role of the opposition in the current violence.

An as I noted last week:

Russia has sent a large naval force to Syria in a show of support for the Syrian government, and a high-level Russian general and former member of the Russian joint chiefs of staff has said that Russia will defend Iran. Iran and Syria have had a mutual defense pact for years, and Iran is purportedly directly assisting the Syrian military in its fight with the rebels … sending 15,000 troops of its own. And China has warned against an attack on Syria.

I guess when a country has been planning regime change in Syria for decades – little things like working on the same side as our mortal enemies, having a government agree to elections and a new constitution, or potentially provoking nuclear powers like China or Russia are ignored.

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