War Criminal Obama again threatens unlawful war with Iran: who will arrest him?

President Obama criminally threatened to murder Iranians today with fellow War Criminal British PM Cameron. The language in their press conference included multiple lies and insults. Let’s consider the history of the US with Iran before we consider what Obama said:

The US waged unlawful war on Iran for 35 consecutive years with the overthrow of their democracy in 1953, and then supporting Iraq’s War of Aggression from 1980-1988 that war-murdered ~ one million Iranians.

US corporate media lies in omission of this history, they then lie in omission that US war threats are both criminal and ignore that all inspections find Iran’s treaty-guaranteed programs for nuclear energy and medical isotopes fully accountable. They lie in commission that Iran’s president threatened Israel when the crystal-clear content and context is stating Israel is wiping the Palestinians off the map.

US corporate media lie in omission that US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in direct violation of war law and UN Security Council Resolutions, and that all “reasons” for those wars are disclosed by US government agency reports as known lies as they were told. This is immediate and vital history when considering the same actors rhetoric with a new war target.

These 1% political/corporate media lies are typical for US Wars of Aggression going back to stealing half of Mexico in 1846 (Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes then and now (6-part series) and the briefer US war history in 2 minutes: arrest US War Criminals to stop war on Iran). Because analogies help bridge understanding when based on the facts: Analogy: US wars on Iraq, Iran as US criminal gangster “business”, an analogy if the US were the victim of empire, and the analogy of Star Wars as a false flag attack story.

So what lies and insults did Obama say today?

  • He called the Iranian government a “regime” that “stalls”.
  • Obama threatened a “shrinking” window to “solving this issue” or face military attack (what solution when there is no violation or evidence of such?)
  • “Biting” Iran with similar sanctions that killed half a million children in Iraq (another media lie of omission to report this).
  • Obama never says an Israel and/or US attack is a criminal War of Aggression that US military is sworn under Oath of Enlistment to refuse, with officers sworn to arrest those who issue them.
  • Obama says he will “resolve this diplomatically” when there is no violation or crime to resolve, other than to arrest Obama and the War Criminals for threatening to expand current US War Crimes.
  • He insulted Iran that they “protect terrorists” when it is the US that is the War Criminal terrorist nation; now actively terrorizing over 60 million Iranians with war-murder that includes official US policy of first-strike nuclear weapons use.

The objective fact is that the US is engaged in Wars of Aggression and threatens more on a nation that hasn’t attacked anyone since before the US became a nation in the 1700s. The US waged war on that nation for 35 consecutive years in our lifetimes.

Who will arrest Obama and the War Criminals?

Will each and every one of you, at the very least, call them War Criminals and demand their arrests?

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