Confirmed: Feds Coordinating Brutal Crackdown on Occupy Protests

Newly-Released Documents Confirm that the Department of Homeland Security and Other Federal Agencies Coordinated Violent Crackdown on Protesters

We’ve previously reported that the Feds have coordinated the brutal crackdown on the Occupy protests.

Friday, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund received documentsin response to Freedom of Information Act demands proving that:

  • The private corporate entity Brookfield Properties, which manages Zuccotti Park, had its security agency in communication with cities across the country about police actions designed to evict the Occupy movement and sought information as to Park Police plans to evict in D.C. 48 hours before OWS was evicted.
  • U.S. Park Police were communicating step by step, as they took action in regard to Occupy DC, with the Secret Service, DHS, and other police agencies as well as personnel affiliated with, the FBI’s nationally integrated network and alert system involving all aspects of civilian law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the military. As its website states, “LEO supports the FBI’s ten priorities by providing cost-effective, time-critical national alerts and information sharing to public safety, law enforcement, antiterrorism and intelligence agencies in support of the Global War on Terrorism.”

The documents include emails between the Park Service and Department of Homeland Security which are hostile to the First Amendment, such as:

Given that the government considers just about every action to be cause to label average people potential terrorists (and see this) – and that the Department of Homeland Security has just placed an order for 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition – the involvement of the Feds is not very pleasant.

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