Avenge This: US kills 500, spends $1 billion every day since 2001 in illegal Wars of Aggression

The Avengers has earned over $1 billion in ticket sales; this colossal amount of money communicates that the story inspires the hero in all of us.

Americans can direct their heroism here:

Because of the tremendous sacrifices of all our families through two world wars, the US authored war law into treaty status; US “Supreme Law” in Article 6 of the US Constitution. War law is crystal-clear: a nation can never use its military in armed attack unless another nation’s government attacks first. This means the US armed attacks/wars on all current nations are unlawful Wars of Aggression, the worst crime a nation can commit.

Peer-reviewed professional and independent studies conclude that the US war-murders (direct and indirect) ~500/day since 2001. Shockingly, this is lower than the US annual war-murder average since WW2 of ~1,000 to 1,500/day (20-30 million total; 300-500,000/year since 1945).

The US has $4 – $6 trillion in long-term costs for its wars since 2001; a daily average cost of ~$1 billion to $1.6 billion. This costs the  average US household of $50,000/year income a sum of $40 – $60,000 (if your household earns multiples of $50,000/year, you can do the math for your family’s share). These are only the US costs; damages to those we attacked are multiples of our costs.

Americans can avenge the millions killed, billions hurt, and trillions of our dollars looted for this evil.

Justice calls for immediate arrests of obvious War Criminals.

What will you think, say, and do?

If you will be known for your choices, who do you choose to be?

Choose well. You may just have your choice.


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