Fraud and Earthquake Risks at California Nuclear Plants Jeopardize Safety

Fraud Makes Nuclear Plant Unsafe

California’s San Onofre nuclear plant suffered a “very significant” event in February: a steam tube rupture and nuclear leak.  The plant has been shut down ever since.

In fact, San Onofre has been riddled with fraud for decades … leading to very dangerous conditions:

A recent change in San Onofre’s cooling system – done under the radar to avoid government scrutiny – has also put the plant at risk:

California’s Other Plant Could Be Another Fukushima

California’s other nuclear plant – Diablo Canyon – is also located on numerous earthquake faults, and a state legislator and seismic expert says it could turn into California’s Fukushima:

On July 26th 2011 the California Energy Commission held hearings concerning the state’s nuclear safety. During those hearings, the Chairman of the Commission asked governments experts whether or not they felt the facilities could withstand the maximum credible quake. The response was that they did not know.

This is similar to what happened at Fukushima: seismologists dire warnings were ignored (and see this.)

Yet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission doesn’t even take earthquake risk into account when deciding whether or not to relicense plants like Diablo Canyon.  And – despite Fukushima – the Obama administration’s nuclear regulators have actually weakened their emergency response plans for a U.S. nuclear accident.

California Ballot Initiative May Shut Down Nuclear Plants

There’s a 2012 California ballot initiative to shut down all nuclear reactors in the state. See this, this and this.

The initiative is spearheaded by someone who has already successfully shut down a nuclear power plant through a ballot initiative.

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