LA Times reports CA Parks $54 million CAFR surplus; Director resigns, #2 fired

The Los Angeles Times reported California’s Department of Parks and Recreation tried to hide $54 million in account surpluses while claiming a $22 million budget deficit would “force” 70 park closures.

Director Ruth Coleman resigned; second-in-command Michael Harris was fired.

This story is repeated in California state accounts to the sum of $600 billion in surplus assets; documented in the state’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

I e-mailed the two reporters to commend their work and invite reporting of the larger picture that similarly implicates CA Governor Jerry Brown, both parties’ “leadership,” and my very own two state representatives who chose “no comment” upon five weeks of my work to have them simply affirm this data.

My e-mail:

Hi Chris and Patrick,

Thank you for your report. Are you aware of the $600 billion in surplus accounts revealed in California’s state Comprehensive Annual Financial Report? I’m happy to help you see the data; feel free to call me if that’s easiest. Would you like to report on $600 billion in total similar accounts?

It’s all hidden in plain sight. I’m one of several writers documenting this; start here. This article has been widely reposted.

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