Dear Soldier, Sailor, Seal, Flyboy, Intel Operative, Law Enforcement Officer or Contractor: We Need You

The American People Ask Your Help to Defend Our Country and Constitution

If you’re a military man or law enforcement officer, please remember your oath to protect and defend the constitution and the people.

If you’re a defense contractor, please remember that serving those who would destroy America and her people will destroy you and your family as well. (I am not threatening you … I am talking about the universe and Karma. Even the Devil will reap what he sows).

No matter how tough you think you are, you will regret screwing the people if you do not change now.

If you are a man of religion, be still and listen to the real God … not others telling you that God wants you to attack and suppress the people.

If you’re an atheist, remember that – if you fight against the people and for the tyrants – cruelty and hate will give you early heart disease … and your family will end up despising you.

There are many older warriors for the bad guys who have reformed, and are much stronger now…

We the American people who love the Constitution, liberty and prosperity want and need you on our side.

We need the soldiers, sailors, seals and flyboys …

We need the defense and intel contractors and mercenaries …

We need all of y’all to help us – the American people.

You know in the very deepest part of your gut, in the center of your mind and in your heart that it’s true.

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