U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question “Mainstream Ideologies”

Warning Signs …

Wired reports today:

These are some warning signs that that you have turned into a terrorist who will soon kill your co-workers, according to the U.S. military. You’ve recently changed your “choices in entertainment.” You have “peculiar discussions.” You “complain about bias,” you’re “socially withdrawn” and you’re frustrated with “mainstream ideologies.” Your “Risk Factors for Radicalization” include “Social Networks” and “Youth.”


That was the assessment of a terrorism advisory organization inside the U.S. Army called the Asymmetric Warfare Group in 2011, acquired by Danger Room.

And the government has more or less classified journalists as terrorists.

So it’s time for an updated list of actions and beliefs which government officials have said may indicate “potential terrorism” …

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The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

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Holding the following beliefs may also be considered grounds for suspected terrorism:

Postscript:  Given that the U.S. government is directly supporting Al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists – and the fact that the government has removed some of these groups from the list of terrorist organizations for political reasons – a reader satirically jokes that only those U.S. citizens who join one of the actual terrorist groups which the U.S. now supports will avoid being labeled terrorists.

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