No, Mentally Ill People Would NOT Necessarily Have Become Violent Without Anti-Depressants

Scientific Evidence Shows that New Anti-Depressants MAKE Disturbed People Violent

The number of school shootings, murders and murder-suicides, workplace violence, road rage, and random violence by soldiers by people taking anti-depressants is staggering.

It is a reasonable – but false – assumption that mentally disturbed people who commit violence would have done so whether or not they were on medication.

For example, the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience published a study in 2001 showing that one modern anti-depressant is associated with violent acts.

David Healy and David Menkes from Cardiff University, and Andrew Herxheimer from the UK Cochrane Centre, published a study in 2006 showing that antidepressants can cause severe violence in a small number of individuals.

Numerous other mental health experts say that anti-depressants may be a substantial factor in school shootings and other gun-related violence. And see this, this, this, this.

If you have any doubt that anti-depressants cause violence in disturbed people, please watch this Congressional testimony by a top expert on anti-depressants:

And this short interview with a number of other mental health experts:

And these short videos:

So – whatever else we do to address school shootings – we must either stop pushing anti-depressants on kids or at least stop selling guns to people taking anti-depressants.

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