The Zen of zero desire as millions die, billions suffer, trillions looted

What is:

What is not:

  • Enough humans of intellectual integrity and moral courage to end unlawful and lie-based wars.
  • Enough humans of empathy to end poverty.
  • Enough humans of honesty to declare a “debt supply” is not a “money supply.”

What is a game:

  • Independent of whatever is and is not, we’re in charge of our game to stand and live for all virtues we value.
  • Accepting humans’ apparent limits, we’re in charge of our game to tell the truth with intent to communicate (just as we received in our awakening).
  • We’re in charge of our game to never suffer from desire that Life be different from what is and is not, and play to cause communities of virtue.

What apparently is not our game, and questions not ours to answer:

  • Will we win? (We are guests without authority in life, but maybe we’re slowly building exponential growth… just maybe)
  • Are “activists” only to provide choice for humans as we play a game we’ll never win? (I see no way to factually answer this, and what we have so far is a game the 99% has never ever won)
  • Where are we headed? (It’s our game to have faith we’re loved by Life and do our best, but as guests on Earth this future is not our call)

What is always of value:

  • Experiencing and expressing virtue as powerfully as we can imagine.
  • Connecting to all in Life as artistically as we can imagine.
  • Experiencing and expressing the beauty we always sense behind all forms.
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