Exxon Mobil Cleans Up Major Tar Sands Oil Spill with PAPER TOWELS

(The above is video shot by a local resident in Mayflower, Arkansas.)

And take a look at these must-see pictures of the spill.

No one is admitting how much oil was released.  Instead, the FAA declared a no fly zone around the spill area “effective immediately” and “until further notice.”  Approval for flights is only given by a Tom Suhrhoff, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as an aviation adviser for ExxonMobil.   In addition the air restrictions, at least one reporter has been threatened with arrest by Exxon officials for trying to interview an EPA representative at the cleanup command center.

This is just like BP’s massive efforts to hide the extent and damage from the oil spill – even though their approach led to greater oil pollution – in order to avoid costs.

Indeed, Senator Sanders said:

It reminds me of what happened on the Gulf coast. It reminds me of the Exxon Valdez.

May Boeve of 350.org points out the implications for the proposed Keystone pipeline:

Imagine the photos we’re seeing from Arkansas times ten, and that overlaid over the Olgalla Aquifer in Nebraska – our nation’s largest source of fresh water.

And Keystone oil may all be exported …while driving American oil prices higher.

Update: Stephen Colbert notes that Exxon Mobil is clearly taking the oil spill seriously. or they wouldn’t have used the quilted paper towels.

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