Nuclear Plant Operator’s Recklessness Leads to Massive New Leaks

Massive New Water Leaks at Fukushima

An official Japanese Parliamentary inquiry found that recklessness by the operator of the Fukushima nuclear reactors caused the Fukushima disaster.

Tepco subsequently admitted as much.

Tepco’s recklessness – and nickel-and-diming cheapness – in dealing with the post-accident response has caused the release of more radiation than necessary. In fact, massive radiation has been released on a daily basis … for years.

Now, Fukushima is suffering from huge new leaks of contaminated water into the soil. A single tank leaked 120 tons of highly-radioactive water. The New York Times notes:

At least three of seven underground chambers at the site are now seeping radioactive water ….

But Asahi points out:

Defect could affect all radioactive water storage tanks at Fukushima plant

What caused the new leaks?

You guessed it: nickel-and-diming things to death … literally.

AP reports:

TEPCO admitted Sunday it had dismissed earlier signs of water loss as within a margin of error and waited until a spike in radiation levels around the tanks was detected. Critics suspect cash-strapped TEPCO built poorly designed underground pits instead of safer and more manageable steel tanks to save money. TEPCO has also been criticized for delaying replacement of makeshift equipment, raising questions about whether the plant is really under control.

It’s tempting to blame Tepco or the Japanese government for all of these problems. But it is actually the American government which is dictating Japanese nuclear policy.

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