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How to Make a Website More Popular …

A friend of ours – whose pieces are regularly picked up by one of the world’s biggest websites – told us that this site would be a lot more popular if we picked his team.

He’s right.

Liberal sites like Huffington Post and conservative sites like Drudge are extremely popular.   People like belonging to a team – Red team or Blue team – just like we like to belong to our favorite sport’s team.

After all, we think in a tribal fashion … because our brains evolved while living in small tribes.

The Founding Fathers tried to warn us against the threat from a two-party system.

It’s easy to point out the faults in the other tribe …

And the scripted, psuedo-war between Dems and Repubs, liberals and conservatives is in reality a false divide-and-conquer dog-and-pony show created by the powers-that-be to keep the American people divided and distracted. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

It keeps us distracted from the fact that the two mainstream parties are virtually identical in terms of issues of war, liberty, crony capitalism, bailouts, big oil and nuclear energy, genetically modified foods, and other core issues which affect our basic health, freedom and prosperity.

We’ve previously noted:

Neoconservatives are not really conservative and neoliberals are not really liberal.

But neocons and neoliberals are very similar to each other. Neocons are alot more similar to neoliberals than to true conservatives; neoliberass are more similar to neocons than to real liberals.

Do you get it? Both the Republican and Democratic party are now run by people with identical agendas: make the big corporations richer and expand the American empire.

There is only one party, which simply puts on different faces depending on which “branch” of the party is in power. If its the Democratic branch, there is a slightly liberal social veneer to the mask: a little more funding for social programs, a little more nice guy talk, a little more of a laissez faire attitude towards gays and minorities, and a little more patient push towards military conquest and empire.

If its the Republican branch, there’s a little more tough guy talk, quicker moves towards military empire, a little more mention of religion, and a tad more centralization of power in the president.

But there is only a single face behind both masks: the face of raw corporatism, greed and yearning for power and empire.

Until Americans stop getting distracted by the Republican versus Democratic melodrama, America will move steadily forward towards war, empire and — inevitably as with any country which extends too far — collapse.

Any ideology can sound great on paper.  The conservative ideology sounds great in principal … but the GOP has sold us down the river.  The liberal ideology sounds great in principal … but the Dems have sold us down the river.

Indeed, almost any system can be made to sound good on paper.

Do you see a pattern?

The problem isn’t the ideology … it’s that politicians on both sides of the aisle have sold us down the river.  Both the GOP and Dems are bought and paid for.  They make money hand over fist by literally pimping out the American people.

This site would be a lot more popular if we chose either the Red Team or the Blue Team.

But we don’t think the problem is the color of people’s jersey … of “our” tribe versus “their” tribe.

We think the problem is the systematic corruption of all of the power elite.

While liberals tend to distrust big corporations and conservatives tend to distrust the federal government, we all agree that the malignant, symbiotic relationship between the two is the root problem.

Indeed, given that corrupt government officials and corrupt corporate CEOs have joined forces – so that government and corporatism have merged – it would be shallow and unethical for us to pretend that the fault lies with one or the other.

But don’t assume that we’re not team players … we are.  It’s just that we play for team America and team humanity … not one mainstream party or the other.

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