2-minute video: artistic opera in honor of Edward Snowden’s heroism

Happy Feet 2 ~ Erik’s opera

Edward Snowden expresses courage and truth to reveal damning evidence  of the Orwellian 1% government crimes right in front of him (documentation here, here, here, among hundreds). The crimes are among hundreds; perhaps the most obvious are War Crimes killing millions and economic looting of our trillions.

Edward expresses what Fathers’ Day is meant to honor.

This two-minute video from Happy Feet Twois an honest child’s response to a violated promise by government leadership. At stake are the freedom and very lives of an ordinary citizen’s family, friends, and very nation. The child’s expression evokes the heroism of the 99%, making the 1% leadership with no option but to serve the will of the people.

And what about your choices; are you proud of them? Will you look your father, children, and everyone else small and Grand in the eyes in honor?

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