2-minute video: Open message to US police & military: REFUSE UNLAWFUL ORDERS, ARREST THOSE WHO ISSUE THEM

StormCloudsGathering’s 2-minute video communicates our best hope to end US “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes of US “leadership”:

US police and military exercise their lawful authority to refuse unlawful orders and arrest those who issue them.

These unlawful orders and crimes center in war, economic looting, and propaganda from corporate media that make the crimes possible (and blocks obvious solutions), and now increasingly destroy American Rights in desperate evasion to prevent the “emperor has no clothes” endgame:

the 99% awakening to what’s been right in front of their eyes for a long time.

We offer Truth & Reconciliation as an alternative to criminal and civil prosecution of probably a literal 1% with key roles in War Crimes and economic fraud that cost the 99% literally tens of trillions of our dollars.

Minions to obvious criminals have unique opportunity to powerfully contribute from their insider positions. We invite their heroism.

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