Another Problem with Mass Spying: Centralized Data Creates An Easy Mark for Hackers

By Gathering Data On Americans In One Place, The Government Is Creating An Attractive Target For Hackers

As if we needed another reason to oppose mass spying on the American public, Zdnet reports that the NSA database could be hacked by Chinese or -other lurkers:

What’s missing in this discussion [of NSA spying] is this: how secure is the NSA’s spying system?If a foreign entity wanted to spy on US companies or individuals, would it try to tackle the problem directly by targeting the specific company or individual in its electronic spying attempts? It might, but that’s a lot of work for an uncertain payoff.

A much more efficient approach would be to hack into a surveillance system that already has access to the information. Far better to hack into the NSA spying system at Google, or at Facebook, or at Microsoft (if such an NSA system exists, of course).


Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as a completely secure system. The greater danger in the NSA’s spying activities is not from the NSA itself, but from the many nefarious foreign national, and international criminal enterprises, that find a way to exploit the existing spy systems so thoroughly crafted, and so thoroughly extensive, that have been built by the NSA.

The danger from allowing the NSA to have deep access into the data systems of US companies is that that very system creates an enormous vulnerability that would not have existed. Hack into part of the NSA spy network and you have access to a mass of private data that would be near impossible to collect in any other way.

It’s ironic that the NSA’s activities to improve the security of the US have created the nation’s largest security risk of them all.

Remember, the Chinese have already hacked the most advanced American weapon systems, Congress, America’s largest banks, and other sensitive targets.

And the more centralized any system is, the more vulnerable it is.

Information is safest when it is diversified in many different places.  By gathering data on Americans in one place, the government is creating an easy mark for hackers.

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