Snowden Is a Traitor to the Political Elite … But a Hero to the American People

The People Want Wrongdoing Exposed

Bloomberg reports:

A majority of U.S. registered voters consider Edward Snowden a whistle-blower, not a traitor, and a plurality says government anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far in restricting civil liberties, a poll released today shows.


The view of Snowden as a whistle-blower rather than traitor predominated among almost every group of respondents broken down by party, gender, income, education and age.


The verdict that Snowden is not a traitor goes against almost the unified view of the nation’s political establishment,” Brown said.


“The fact that there is little difference now along party lines about the overall anti-terrorism effort and civil liberties and about Snowden is in itself unusual in a country sharply divided along political lines about almost everything,” Brown said.

Poll and after poll continues to show the same thing.

Indeed, Snowden has a higher approval rating than Congress.

That sounds impressive … until you remember that Congress is less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, BP during the Gulf oil spill, Nixon during Watergate or King George during the American Revolution.

Postscript:  People are sick and tired of corruption.  And most understand that mass surveillance on innocent people is for political purposes … not to keep us safe.

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