UK Parliament Rejects Syria War Same Day that Poll Shows Only 8% of Britons Support an Attack

UK Backs Away from War

British Parliament has rejected war against Syria.

A new Express Online poll shows that only 8% of Britons support war against Syria.  Polls by the Mirror and Sun confirm that Brits wholly oppose any military intervention in Syria. (Brits join most of the rest of the world in rejecting war.)

David Cameron’s claims that the Syrian government carried out the recent chemical weapons attack has been shown to have been built on sand.

Tony Blair argues:

People wince at the thought of intervention. But contemplate the future consequence of inaction and shudder: Syria mired in carnage between the brutality of Assad and various affiliates of al Qaida, a breeding ground of extremism infinitely more dangerous than Afghanistan in the 1990s; Egypt in chaos, with the West, however unfairly, looking as if it is giving succour to those who would turn it into a Sunni version of Iran.

But perhaps Britons have learned- from reports from mainstream media sources such as BBC, the Independent, the New York Times,USA TodayCNN, McClatchy, AP, the Daily Beast,  the Blaze, or the Star – that supporting the rebels means supporting Al Qaeda and two other terrorist groups. Indeed, the the New York Times has reported that virtually all of the rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.

Or maybe the UK citizens have learned that the “rebels” have likely used chemical weapons and are ruthlessly targeting Christians in numerous ways.

Or maybe they’ve learned that the entire rationale for a war against Syria is bogus.

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