Credibility Means Following the People’s Will and the Rule of Law … Not Bombing Some Third-Rate Country

Any Tin-Pot Tyrant Can Carry Through On His Threats Of Brutal Violence; But a Country Worthy of Respect Will Honor Its Constitution and Respect The Will Of Its People

The administration says we have to bomb Syria to “maintain credibility”,  because Obama talked about a “red line” … and to show Iran we mean business.

But credibility comes from a government following its people’s desires.  And following the rule of law.

Not in bombing a third-rate military power with cruise missiles.

Indeed, the U.S. government has lost tremendous credibility in the eyes of the American people – and the world community – because it lied about Iraq possessing WMDs (and then tried to cover it up), spies on everyone (and lies about it), and lets the big banks do whatever they want (and lies about it).

Any tin-pot tyrant can carry through on his threats of brutal violence.   But only a credible country honors its constitution and respects the will of its people.

Which are we?

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