Asst. Secretary of Treasury: ‘Ignored reality wiping out human race’

“The Federal Reserve could not care less about the US population. The Fed was established for the purpose of protecting and aiding banks. Currently, the Fed, as if America were a Banana Republic which America appears to be becoming, is printing one thousand billion dollars per year in order to support the banks and to finance the federal deficit.”

In an article honestly titled, Ignored reality is going to wipe out the human race, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts states that the 99% will take one of two paths:

  1. Ignore reality, and be weakened or killed by 1%-created “projects.”
  2. Embrace reality, and enact solutions.

Dr. Roberts explains and provides links to three 1%-created “projects” (search here, here for additional documentation):

  • economic controlled demolition;
  • intentional environmental poisoning that include Corexit in the Gulf, continual Fukushima radiation, GMO “foods,” chemtrails, and weather manipulation;
  • corporate media lying that lure the 99% to debt-slavery and literal death.

Dr. Roberts is being as direct as possible. He explains, documents, and asserts claims in academic and professional prima facie good faith. If one were to disagree with the conclusions, that person has the burden of proof to explain how Dr. Roberts’ information is wrong.

Dr. Roberts expresses the limitations of his expertise outside of economics, war, and police state topics. He knows enough to be highly concerned, and point to what he’s found as reliable information in other crucial areas.

I am also being as direct as possible: a 1% oligarchy commit massive crimes centering in war and money, with “coverage” by corporate media to hide those crimes. I have professional confidence the following objective facts are explained, documented and proved:

  • US wars are not even close to lawful; in fact, my colleagues and I are unaware of any published argument to support legality, and welcome any attempts. Importantly, all “reasons” for these wars were known to be false as they were told, following a long history of official war lies sold to Americans and our soldiers. The closest crime to describe causing unlawful attacks on our military is treason.
  • What we use for money is debt (and here) created almost exclusively by privately-owned banks. This “debt supply” can only increase aggregate debt, and can never be repaid without destroying what we use for money. Government commits massive fraud by failing to fully disclose central facts and options about money. The good news is that technical solutions are abundant, beginning with Ben Franklin’s documentation almost 300 years ago how colonial Pennsylvania operated its government through public credit and no taxes.
  • Corporate media, including our textbook publishers, “cover” these crimes through lies of omission and commission. With just a little attention, their “reporting” and “history” are easily seen as propaganda for oligarchs to obfuscate how they annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

I also know enough to point to reliable sources for ~100 areas of equal importance where I am not professionally expert, yet highly concerned from my good faith understanding of the facts.

My expertise in the above areas is sufficient to demand arrests of obvious criminals enacting those policies, and to demand independent analysis and reporting of the ~100 other areas experts document as criminal and crucial.


  • How are you using your expertise to build a brighter future?
  • How are you using your citizen skills to have justice?
  • Will you be proud of yourself if the two endgame paths Dr. Roberts describes is accurate???
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