Ben Franklin Wasn’t Allowed to Write the Declaration of Independence Because the Boys Thought He’d Sneak In Bad Jokes

Franklin Was the Best Writer … But He Was Also a Prankster

Today I Found Out notes:

Franklin was known for putting more subtle jokes in many of his other papers that only the most astute would spot. He was so famous for this that, according to Ormand Seavey, editor of Oxford’s edition of Ben Franklin’s autobiography, when they were deciding who should write the Declaration of Independence, they partially chose Jefferson over the significantly more qualified and respected Franklin, as some feared Franklin would embed subtle humor and satire in it that wouldn’t be recognized until it was too late to change. Knowing this document would likely be examined closely by the nations of the world at that time, they chose to avoid the issue by having the much less gifted writer, Jefferson, write it instead, with Franklin and three others to help Jefferson draft it.

Another amusing story about the Founding Fathers:  George Washington was courageous and a great leader … but a horrible general, especially at first.   In the very first battle he led, Washington “brilliantly” seized the low ground … and the British fired down from surrounding hills and won the battle.

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