Censorship Costs Reddit Thousands of Readers

Bad Policy Is Severely Hurting Social Media and Other Tech Companies

As of today, there are 3,113,102 readers of Reddit’s political page:

Only a couple of months ago – in July – there were 3,136,656 readers:

So Reddit’s political page has lost over 23,000 readers since July.

Indeed, r/politics has lost over 2,000 readers this week alone:

Why has Reddit’s political page lost so many readers?

Because Redditors – what Reddit’s readers call themselves – have been furious that Reddit censors.

Readers from both the left and the right are mad.

Here’s the humorous take of Washington’s Blog reader J. Maynard Gelinas:

Remember, Digg lost huge numbers of readers after it was caught censoring stories which were controversial or too critical of the government. See this and this. (Ironically, many of those unhappy Digg readers flocked to Reddit … but now Reddit is doing the exact same thing.)

And Facebook lost 11 millions users as of April mainly due to privacy concerns … and that was before the Snowden revelations.

Americans don’t like censorship or invasion of privacy.   Bad policy is severely hurting social media and other tech companies.

Note:   Several Reddit moderators – including some of the top, longest-serving moderators – told me privately that they disagree with the harsh stance of the censoring moderators. I’m a long-time Redditor, and am good friends with other old-timers. We are all disgusted by the censorship.

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