Former NSA Boss: “My Advice Would Be To Take Everything You Think Snowden Has And Get It Out Yourself. It Would Certainly Be A Shock To The Agency. But Bad News Doesn’t Get Better With Age”

How the NSA Can Re-Claim the Political Narrative

The NSA has been behind the 8-ball ever since Snowden started his leaks.

In issuing fake denials every time a new leak comes out, the agency looks more and more dishonest and tone-deaf.

What’s the solution?

Get ahead of the story …

The New York Times reports:

Bobby R. Inman, who weathered his own turbulent period as N.S.A. director from 1977 to 1981, offers his hyper-secret former agency a radical suggestion for right now. “My advice would be to take everything you think Snowden has and get it out yourself,” he said. “It would certainly be a shock to the agency. But bad news doesn’t get better with age. The sooner they get it out and put it behind them, the faster they can begin to rebuild.”

Of course, that only works if the NSA isn’t engaged in blatantly illegal conduct …

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