Revealed: The REAL Reason Snowden Leaked Spying Documents

What Inspired Snowden to Speak Out?

There have been numerous theories batted around for why Edward Snowden leaked NSA materials, such as:

  • He had some other bad motive

But that’s not why he did it.

Remember, high-level NSA employees Russell Tice, William Binney, Thomas Drake, Kirk Wiebe blew the whistle on unconstitutional mass surveillance by the government over the course of many years.

Snowden has said that he was inspired by their courage.   (He also learned that you can’t correct unconstitutional behavior in government by going through internal channels.)

Courage Is Contagious

Courage is contagious.  And studies show that even a single dissenter speaking their mind empowers others to think for themselves.

Here’s an example … of a navy sailor standing tall in the middle of last year’s Oakland tear gas attack holding the constitution and a veterans for peace flag … moments after Scott Olsen was hit in the head.

Here he is a couple of minutes before, standing with marine veteran Scott Olsen before Olsen was hit in the head and nearly killed by a projectile:

Whether you agree with Occupy or not, you have to admire his courage.

Here’s a more stunning example. This is the iconic picture of the brave protester facing down tanks in Tiananmen Square:

But this newly-surfaced image with a much wider view shows that he didn’t face 4 tanks … but scores of tanks:

And watch this incredible video of the man getting in front of the tank as it tries to maneuver around him, and then climbing on top of the tank:

His courage inspired people worldwide.

Passing It On …

Similarly, Snowden’s courage is inspiring others

As ABC News notes, Snowden’s American lawyer – Jessica Radback of the Government Accountability Project – says that Snowden has inspired new NSA whistleblowers:

Several more current and former National Security Agency insiders, inspired by American fugitive Edward Snowden, have come forward as whistleblowers with details of the shadowy agency’s operations, according to an attorney at a whistleblower protection organization.

“I think the government hopes to chill speech by employees in the national security and intelligence fields, especially those at the NSA and CIA, but the unintended consequence is [that] more and more whistleblowers are coming through the doors of the Government Accountability Project (GAP),” said Jesselyn Radack, referring to the organization where she works as the National Security and Human Rights Director. “I think courage is contagious, and we see more and more people from the NSA coming through our door after Snowden made these revelations.”


The legal threats and high-level condemnation haven’t kept others from coming forward with new information, Radack said.

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