So, how did you come to join the Rebel Alliance?

Accurately: we patriots are allied, and rebel against OBVIOUS crimes of US oligarchs centering in wars, money, and media. We stand for justice under laws supporting unalienable rights for all, and act in ~100 areas of critical importance.

Briefly communicating my personal journey can encourage readers to better sense their own purpose. How it might be helpful is to show conclusions of “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes that kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions are rational and inevitable for anyone who cares to see the facts.

Importantly, those of us working for all Earth’s inhabitants may only have the job (at least for now) of facilitating choice among humanity. Nobody working for virtue is allowed into real power.

1. Childhood:

My first memory is watching President Kennedy’s funeral at age 3. I was sitting on my mother’s ironing board as her tears fell, hit, and sizzled into steam. I remember seeing the horse-drawn caisson with a flag-draped coffin, feeling my mother’s sadness, and sensing that this was something I was here to address.

At age 8, I was watching the 1968 California Primary election with my parents on television. I felt there was something important I had to see, and asked if I could stay-up past my 7:30 bedtime. My parents looked at each other in surprise, and accepted. I watched until 9:30, as long as I could stay awake, then crawled under the table next to the couch facing the television in case I woke up to see what I was meant to see. Robert Kennedy was assassinated later that evening.

I interpret these events as showing me two things. First: I could not enter any leadership position from the inside because anybody exposing the criminal oligarchy would be eliminated. Second: martyrdom might be the strongest contribution an honest leader could make, at least at that time, given the powerful public awakening from the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK.

At school I was quiet, serious, and studious (I earned straight “A” grades from 6th to 12th grades). Although I was the smallest boy in my grade, I enjoyed athletics.

2. Young adulthood:

At age 17, I attended the Los Angeles Hunger Project event (and here), and took the est training(and here) (now Landmark Education). I recognized from these events that all opinions are created, none are real, and human beings have power to say whatever we wish about factual conditions. And, importantly, factual conditions for humanity were capable of making Earth a really nice place to live in contrast to its history.

I committed myself to the outcome of human beings evolving to have a world working for everyone. I immersed myself in est seminars and religious reading/study to learn/work in that direction to supplement my usual academic study.

At age 19, I prayed to discover my life’s specific pathway, especially for what I should study in college (I am a deist, and find all religions to be orchestrated stories). Within 5 seconds after my prayer, the phone rang. The person said, “I’m the coordinator for The Hunger Project in Los Angeles. Would you like to volunteer?” I accepted. I soon also volunteered with forming the citizens’ lobby to end poverty, RESULTS.

At 20, I became friends with Buckminster Fuller (archive at Stanford). I absorbed his books and life experience to experiment being of optimal service to humanity.

At 21, I had a conversation with a random person that I began in a way I enjoy: asking what they were doing of interest. The person answered, “I went to a lecture last night. This guy talked about the return of the Christ and ascended masters.” Given my thirst for religious and spiritual learning, I responded, “I’d like to know about this. When is he speaking next?” The person: “You missed it. He’s gone.” I then had a unique experience that only happened this once: a voice came from me that was not mine. I had turned my mind from the conversation, but this voice forcefully asked, “Where is he speaking next?” I waited to see if the voice would say more, it didn’t, and the person responded in assumption I was the one asking: “San Diego.” I was synchronistically scheduled to be in San Diego, attended the talk, and began meditation and exploring broader spiritual topics.

I transferred to U.C. Berkeley from community college, and designed a college major for ending poverty. I founded RESULTS’ work in Northern California. I took lobbying members of Congress seriously to command comprehensive facts concisely and powerfully. I graduated with a B.A. in Global Development in 1983.

I also applied philosophical/spiritual practice to athletics as exercises to translate intention into reality, and discover/express teamwork. My basketball skills and teamwork in open-gym games so impressed U.C. Berkeley’s team players that they requested their coach invite me onto the JV team. I was learning that people could be far more productive than they could imagine, and that focused intensity mixed with teamwork and fun seemed to be the truest path forward for me.

3. Adult “experiments with truth”:

After college, I continued volunteering with RESULTS, anticipating I would be absorbed into policy realization of ending poverty. After two UN Summits in 1990 and 1997, both parties’ “leaderships” reneged on every promise to end poverty (both public and private), with corporate media never reporting on the facts, and actively lying to the public (consider this stunning “coverage” from the New York Times to bury the largest meeting of heads of state in world history).

RESULTS expanded to over 100 US communities, seven countries, with our work so respected that we were asked to manage nations’ progress toward the 1997 Microcredit Summit goals. Our communications about microcredit contributed to its founder receiving the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, and microcredit extended to over 100 million of the world’s lowest-income families (a total population greater than the United States).

For work, I taught mathematics and then social science for Los Angeles Unified School District. I volunteered to teach at “hard to staff” schools. I was honored by two Los Angeles mayors for being among the best teachers at inner-city schools. I attribute this success to effective communication for middle and high school students to sense their power as human beings to interpret their lives as they choose, and to apply real-world critical thinking skills to discern reality from spin. I also communicated that the purpose of education is to have successful lives as individuals, in groups we care about, and communities.

I worked with colleagues in three projects to systemically improve education. All three failed from apparent district suppression to communicate accurate dropout statistics, and fear to engage in genuine breakthroughs that had to shine full light onto current practices.

I concluded a life partner would synergistically empower my service in life. I had found few people who shared my intensity and life pace. I looked for a woman who shared the goal of having a world that works for everyone, and who would forego having children until all the world’s children had their basic needs met (I targeted a working world by the year 2000).

This perspective resulted in two relationships and then marriages; lasting four years each. Both women eventually wanted partners more involved in usual interests.

I continued my ongoing education with seminars, courses, reading, meditating, and athletics. I experimented with chanting, praying, spoon-bending (video), walking on fire, cloud-busting (video), and competitive tennis.

4. Mature adulthood:

At age 36 in 1996, a tennis opponent gave me a video copy of The Money Masters by Bill Still. After US political leadership (with corporate media help) reneged on the 1997 Microcredit Summit promises, I knew I had to research economics to “follow the money.”

As my second marriage amicably dissolved, I still felt synergy was the better path if I could meet a strong partner. My third wife and I met online. She encouraged me to pursue higher academics to affect educational improvement; we went to Boston so I could attend Harvard for a master’s degree. I couldn’t find a sponsor for my Ph.D application at any leading education school for two years. The losing proposal was to consider current education as achieving “personal education/success,” and that what education needed is personal education as only a first level of accomplishment with higher levels of being educated and successful at the levels of relationship, family, organization, and community.

We moved back to California; in 2002 we adopted our daughter from China. By 2004, US political and media lies about the wars became transparent for me. In research for motivation of wars, I quickly discovered the darker side of US history. This began with the facts of JFK’s assassination and 9/11. I worked with school colleagues and administration to construct lessons to professionally communicate apparent factual contradictions between the comprehensive evidence and official explanations.

In 2005, I developed a brief for Congress and publication to communicate my best comprehensive analysis of US war lies. I developed partnership with Congressman Kucinich’s staff for ending the wars and monetary reform.

In 2009, I began online writing; expanding from The Examiner to Washington’s Blog and Daily Censored. In 2012, my economics research was recognized by the Claremont Colleges inviting me as one of six international speakers to explain the mechanics and alternative models for what the US uses for money.

Currently, I’m a leading writer explaining, documenting, and proving obvious US crimes centering in war and money. I’m also a leader calling for arrests of obvious “leaders” orchestrating these crimes, or a Truth & Reconciliation process. I also explain and document history and various economic solutions in banking and monetary reform for full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and falling prices (and here). I’ve also tried satire.

5. Scorecard and interpretive analysis:

Human limitations make it impossible to have an accurate scorecard of human success. RESULTS has been a leader to save over 100 million human beings who would have died horrifically from poverty. Maybe my teaching has done more than shape the lives of some students and families. Perhaps my work to prove major US oligarchy crimes is assisting movement toward ending those crimes.

My wife says I waste my time. Her explanation: “Imagine a very large schoolyard with 5,000 elementary school children and a hundred middle-schoolers in gangs who run the yard. The big kids have weapons and do what they want. You are among five adults on the yard. Get the picture? Now, try to manage that condition.”

My older brother, a psychologist, says: “I love you, Bro, but you’re always going to fail. You’ll never end poverty. You’ll never fix education. You’ll never fix the economy. You have no idea how powerful cognitive dissonance is. People will go through all kinds of mental gymnastics to avoid facts of painful issues. You’ll never have enough people hear you. But, hey, who knows? I’ve been wrong before!”

I say, “Whatever,” in all non-sarcastic concise honesty. I’m doing what I best imagine with my self-expression in strategic appreciation of what I can see of our challenges. I say we’re all guests on this beautiful and dominated planet, and apparently far from planetary management to do anything more than offer our self-expression in democratic good-faith effort. I do seem healthier, happier, and more alive than most people, which is satisfying considering the alternatives we all see of people with miserable lives.

A friend and colleague wrote a public letter of apology to the people of Iraq for failing to stop the US war. I responded: “It seems that there are enough of us on this planet at this time standing for justice that we’re impossible to ignore. It also seems there are too few of us to do a damn thing about policy. But maybe that’s our role: to clearly offer choice. Maybe this planet is some kind of school. Maybe it’s a grand experiment that failed, and we’re here in gradually increasing numbers to expose and end it. What we know for sure is that our self-expression is ours. We know surrender to psychopathic criminal ‘leaders’ is unacceptable. We know we appreciate all acts of virtue.”

This has been my path, so far, in good-faith attempt to live my strongest sense of virtue. I encourage you to do the same. I hope this message helps strengthen your unique, powerful, and beautiful self-expression.

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