Independence Movement in Southeastern Ukraine Accuses Obama’s Agents of Slaughter

In the United States, there appears to be a virtual news-blackout of what is happening in Ukraine and of why; and the following news-report breaks through it, so that the American public will know the situation that actually exists there:

The Ukrainian government that was installed after the nationally elected and pro-Russian President of Ukraine was overthrown in a violent coup on February 22nd is now bombing the country’s southeast, where that President had received almost all of his votes. (Those are the areas of the country where Ukraine’s Russian-speakers live.) Videos that show this have been confirmed as authentic by, a website that was recently established by an independent group of journalism students in order to defeat propaganda that is being created and spread by both sides in the Ukrainian civil war; these students are doing this so that honest news reporting can be separated out from that which is based on, and spreading, lies. None of the videos or other information-sources that will be linked to in the present news report is, at least to this reporter’s knowledge as of the moment that this news report is being written, among the ones that have been exposed there as having been fabricated, or as being claimed to show what they do not actually show. Every precaution has been taken to reconstruct events from only the highest-quality news sources on any given matter that is being discussed here. No news-report can be better than are its sources. It is presumed by the writer of this news report that if any of its sources turns out to be bogus, that will be noticed and pointed out in reader-comments that will be posted to it. (Even the best journalist can overlook something that subsequently turns out to have been important.) All of that is said here in the way of introduction.

Russian media (which are the only news-media that are reporting the Ukrainian civil war from the side of the residents of southeastern Ukraine) are reporting that Ihor Kolomoysky, who is the gangster-oligarch who hired Joe Biden’s son and who was made a governor in southeastern Ukraine by the woman whom Obama had hoped would be elected to become Ukraine’s President (Yulia Tymoshenko), is one of two Ukrainian officials who are directing the bombing campaign against the residents of southeastern Ukraine. This bombing campaign is being carried out in order to compel residents in the southeast to accept rule by the Obama-imposed group, who gained power on February 22nd in the Ukrainian coup (CIA manipulation of the “Maidan” demonstrations). Elsewhere has been reported that Kolomoysky’s colleague in this bombing-campaign, Arsen Avakov, had been one of the chief organizers (along with Kolomoysky himselkf) of the May 2nd massacre of independence-supporters inside the Odessa Trade Unions building. (Odessa is in the south of Ukraine, within the area that is resisting.) That event in Odessa sparked Ukraine’s civil war, because it confirmed to the people of southeastern Ukraine that Obama’s people want to kill them, at least until the survivors accept the coup-imposed government. That’s what this bombing-campaign is actually all about: persuading the residents there that their choice is either surrender or else continued bombing: their death. This is the ‘democracy’ that Obama imposed in Ukraine.

The Washington Post, in one of its rare instances of relatively non-biased reporting about the Ukrainian situation, reported on March 25th, in a blogpost (not in the printed newspaper, because this news did not fit the U.S. regime’s propaganda-line but instead that of the regime’s victims), that a “recording, apparently made March 8, details a conversation between Tymoshenko and Nestor Shufrych from Ukraine’s National Security Council,” which “has Tymoshenko suggesting that Ukrainians should kill Russians, and, in particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The recording … also apparently features Tymoshenko suggesting that the 8 million Russians living in Ukraine should be killed with ‘nuclear weapons.’” That news report then went on to speculate whether the recording “may have been altered,” and it provided Ms. Tymoshenko’s allegation to that effect (since she was Obama’s intended next President of Ukraine). However, if one clicks on the link to the conversation, that claim by her seems not credible. The residents in southeastern Ukraine thus possessed sound reason to think that the government that had been imposed in Kiev want them dead, or else enslaved. And the May 2nd massacre in Odessa confirmed it to them.

The best brief video report on that May 2nd massacre — the event that made clear what the Administration’s intentions regarding them were, and that thus sparked Ukraine’s civil war — appeared on Russian TV, and it was further confirmed by an independent American-produced video (only ten minutes long, but devastating) that contains damning evidence disproving the type of “news” reporting that’s provided by America’s “news” media. That brief video, which this present reporter has verified in regards to every particular, is one of the most brilliant succinct pieces of investigative news reporting to appear in recent years, and is thus included here as a basic part of our news-report. It was produced by the same reporter who similarly did the definitive (and much lengthier) news report about the February 22nd U.S. coup that overthrew the democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, and that installed Arseniy Yatsenyuk to run the country. Consequently, both of those reports are included here, especially for the benefit of any reader who doubts the veracity of the much briefer report on the same matters, that was prepared by Russian TV.

Yatsenyuk is the Tymoshenko lieutenant whom Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland chose to lead Ukraine, and he recently went public saying essentially the same thing as Tymoshenko did in that tapped phone-conversation, but this time on the Ukrainian Embassy’s own website, where he commented upon some of the “terrorists” who on June 15th had shot down one of the regime’s bombing-planes over the city of Luhansk, and whose downing of that plane killed its 49 government troops and mercenaries. As his comment was reported on CNN (which reported it as they do all U.S. propaganda), he said there, “They lost their lives because they defended men and women, children and the elderly who found themselves in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders and sponsored by subhumans. … First, we will commemorate the heroes by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil.” Yatsenyuk’s term “subhumans” was the one that Hitler constantly used referring to Jews, and Yatsenyuk’s phrase “cleaning our land from the evil” was also straight from Hitler; and that phrase was then used, after Hitler, by proponents of “ethnic cleansing,” in Bosnia and elsewhere. (Nazis and neo-Nazis everywhere are obsessed with exterminating the “unclean” so as to “cleanse” the land. This was Hitler’s “Lebensraum” program; Nazis were German racist fascists, but these are Ukrainian racist fascists, and their demonized enemy is Russians instead of Jews; so, they outlawed the Russian language and are now bombing the people who speak it.)

Someone quickly notified the Ukrainian Embassy that Yatsenyuk’s term “subhuman” had been so frequently used by Hitler that this statement by Yatsenyuk should be removed from the website. However, instead of removing it, the translation there of the term was promptly changed, to “inhuman” (even though that’s an adjective, and “subhuman” is a noun; but, what’s a propagandist to do in such a situation?). However, fortunately, an industrious blogger, Vera Graziadei, had already posted a screenprint of the original, even before the Embassy’s cleansing of its own web-page there; and what the original shows is that the translation, from which CNN had quoted, was actually the original official Ukrainian government translation, before it had been (so to say) “cleansed.”

Consequently, what’s happening now in southeastern Ukraine is actually a certain type of ethnic cleansing campaign, of a strongly political nature, which is being done in order to terrorize the entire population of that region to submit to the regime that was installed by Obama in the February coup. It is ethnic cleansing, to use the euphemism for it from the neo-Nazis who do it.

TV commercial is now running on Ukrainian TVs, in which the chief local agricultural pest (the Colorado beetle), which Ukraine’s far-right frequently uses in order to symbolize the country’s Russian-speakers, is portrayed destroying crops and then being exterminated as the solution to the problem in Ukraine. The symbolism used there is immediately understandable to Ukrainians, though (and this is one reason it’s used, since they are advised by our CIA) not to people outside.

Here are some “Videos Americans Didn’t Get to See on Our Nightly News,” showing the results of a bombing raid that had occurred just a few days before that downing of the Ukrainian government’s plane in Luhansk; this occurred on June 2nd (and this earlier bombing was the actual reason why the now-separatists there shot down that plane on June 15th and killed its 49 troops — they didn’t want more of this bombing; they didn’t want more of these attacks):

Here was a news report about that bombing-raid.

That news report was from Russian Television. Subsequently, examined the videos that had been taken of the event itself, and they not only verified the videos but proved that the theories that had been spread (by the regime’s agents) claiming that it was somehow fake were false: the regime had, in fact, bombed Luhansk. The Ukrainian Government has publicly denied that it bombed Luhansk. That Government then seized journalists who wanted to investigate the matter, and journalists’ organizations objected. One headline was “Of Journalists Killed Near Luhansk, UNSC Statement Watered Down.” The owners of Western “news” media don’t want their audience or readership to know that the U.S. is sponsoring a racist fascist operation in Ukraine (much less, why it is being done).

So, those (not just in Luhansk but throughout southeastern Ukraine) are the “subhumans” that Obama’s people are “cleaning our land from,” as Yatsenyuk put it.

Luhansk is just one city across the wide region that don’t want to be ruled by Obama’s team. Others have been bombed as well. However, most have instead been attacked by tanks, which the regime’s propaganda subsequently allege they don’t have but were instead sent in by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. (Please note there that “the regime” is no less than the U.S. White House, assisted in this lie, as in so many, by The New York Times — why does anybody subscribe to that publication?) A major part of the White House’s lie about the matter in Ukraine is that Russia and not the U.S. White House is to blame for it.

Here is a picture of President Obama greeting Yatsenyuk inside the White House:

And here is a picture of John Kerry greeting Yatsenyuk. And here is audio of the phone-call in which the person that Kerry chose to run Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, selected Yatsenyuk to run the country.

Vera Graziadei’s blog-post previously referred to, also provides considerable documentation of the Nazi-following methods that are being pursued by the regime that we have installed in Kiev, such as a youtube video of Ukraine’s “Secretary of Defense Talking About Concentration Camp for Eastern [Ukrainians]”, in which that Ukrainian Government official says (continuing with the ethnic-cleansing terminology), “There will be a thorough filtration of people. There will be special filtration measures put in place. We will filter out people, including women, who are linked to separatism, who were committing crimes [such as breathing] on Ukrainian territory, crimes related to terrorist activities [like the expiring woman shown above, having been committing the ‘terrorist’ ‘crime’ of breathing]. … People will be resettled to other regions.” Graziadei then linked to a June 16th news report by the pro-fascist newspaper Kyiv Post, which is headlined, “Ukraine’s Land Agency Give Land to Soldiers in the East for Free,” which explains that: “Land parcels will be given out for free to the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations, as well as to the employees of Interior Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine that are defending territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country in eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine.” This is ethnic cleansing, pure and simple. In other words: the current residents will be “resettled to other regions,” and the thugs who do it and who operate the concentration camp(s) that hold the former current residents of that area, will steal their property and live off of it. The current residents will become non-persons, like Jews were in Hitler’s Germany. And Obama’s operation is, in effect, using this as the means whereby the bankrupt Ukrainian Government can pay its troops without becoming even more in hock to the United States Government and to the IMF. Those troops will instead be paid by booty: they will be Ukrainian mercenaries used against the residents of southeastern Ukraine. This is Obama’s plan, to keep down the cost to U.S. taxpayers, of our ethnic cleansing campaign there.

People such as the dying woman who is shown above, but who (unlike her) survive, will be, somehow, disposed of, in those “other regions,” the concentration camps — they are “concentration” because fascist racists want to waste as little space as possible on their victims (which is one reason why they want to murder as many of them, as fast as they can, to “cleanse” as much land as quickly and efficiently as possible).

President Obama almost certainly knew (and he certainly ought to have known), when he planned this operation, before his February coup was carried out, that he was backing neo-Nazis (that is: fascist racists) there. Many articles had already been published to the Internet exposing the Hitler-following leaders. For example, the scholarly article, “The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right,” by historian Per Anders Rudling, was published on 26 January 2013, and it described the origin of the “Maidan” movement, which was financed by the United States, and which was fascist-racist (originally against both Russians and Jews, but American advisors taught the “Maidan” organizers to tone down their anti-Semitic rhetoric). And professor Michel Chossudovsky, one of the world’s leading historians of Eastern Europe, headlined on 2 March 2014, right after the coup, “The U.S. Has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine,” and he provided the background of the people that we (the U.S.) had chosen. He didn’t mention Arsen Avakov, nor Ihor Kolomoysky (who happens to be a Jewish oligarch), because they weren’t yet part of the regime; they were chosen by the people that we chose. Our regime consists of two far-right Ukrainian parties, and two extreme-right Ukrainian parties; or, two parties that are fascist, and two that are neo-Nazi (and the latter two use either the Swastika symbol and-or the SS insignia, with minor modifications); and one of the two extreme-right parties, Svoboda, was originally called the “Social Nationaist Party,” but changed its name after the U.S. advised it, shortly before the start of the “Maidan” movement in 2004, that Americans would be suspicious of a party that inverted the two words of Hitler’s own “National Socialist,” or Nazi, Party; that was too obvious. The Party’s leader,  Oleh Tyahnybok, was advised to change the name to “Svoboda,” meaning “freedom” (especially appealing to America’s libertarians), so that the American public would be fooled into thinking that it was some sort of pro-“democracy” party. This was done during the regime of U.S. President George W. Bush. The current American leader, Obama, basically continues Bush’s polices (though not his rhetoric; his rhetoric is very different).

In order to fool the American public, the U.S. “news” media were crucial prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, stenographically reporting the regime’s lies about “Saddam’s WMD” and his (equally non-existent) alliance with Al Qaeda, and they are likewise crucial now, to Obama’s long-term plan for his successor (Hillary Clinton or the Republican) to launch and win a war against Russia, from neighboring Ukraine and other surrounding NATO members (Ukraine isn’t yet one), so that the U.S. aristocracy will be unchallenged and unchallengeable. Of course, the American people don’t know about it. However, this strategy was first introduced into “respectable” U.S. foreign policy thinking in 2006, in a seminal article in the Council on Foreign Relations’ journal, Foreign Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations is Wall Street’s club of subservient diplomats, politicians, professors, and think-tank leaders; so, when an article appears in that journal, it means that, whatever its point of view is, is now “mainstream” among America’s elite: it’s an “Establishment” viewpoint. The editors at that journal are hired to do that filtering, and they are considered to be experts at it. Obama inherited, and he is now moving forward, a plan to surround Russia with American nuclear weapons.

The purpose of the present article, as well as of some others, is to demonstrate to the American people that their press lie to them, repeatedly, and for a single U.S. aristocratic agenda: they aim to crush any who resist that agenda. It’s not only about Wall Street. It’s about the U.S. aristocracy’s global dominance. They want to crush both Russia and (then) China. In short: they want to preserve the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The Ukraine-gambit is only a part of that broader agenda. Their sole ultimate objective is to dominate. They have taken ownership of the American Government; they want to own the planet. Obama’s choices can be truthfully understood only in that light. It’s a light that America’s press have not turned to the “on” position. News editors are selected and hired to keep it in its current “off” position. This article would turn it on.

This article is therefore being distributed, free of charge for publication, to all U.S. and to some other English-language news-media; and, so, you can tell which ones are not controlled by the U.S. aristocracy because those ones will not be publishing it. But all other English-language news-media will; and you can easily tell which ones those are, simply by googling this news-story’s headline “Independence Movement in Southeastern Ukraine Accuses Obama’s Agents of Slaughter,” and seeing where it has been published, and where it has not been. It is sent to both print and broadcast news-media, because even broadcast news-media have websites. The author submits it under only one condition: that it be run exactly as-is, including its headline, and all of its links live (because those links are critically important in order to facilitate the reader’s checking out its sources and exploring any of its issues in further depth). The author will not allow any edits or changes to be made in it. The author alone is responsible for this article.

We who see this article published will soon know everything that is important for us to know about “America’s free press.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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