Ukrainian Independence Supporters Seize 221 Tanks From the Obama-Installed Government

On Friday, 20 June 2014, the resistance movement against the February 22nd coup-installed Ukrainian government achieved a major breakthrough against Obama’s forces, by seizing a tank-park in the town of Artemovsk, 30 kilometers from the city of Slavyansk — a city that has suffered repeated bombing and shelling attacks from planes, helicopters, and tanks, by Obama’s forces, ever since May 9th.

“At night, we took control of the tank base in Artemovsk, 30 kilometers from Slavyansk. We now have 221 tanks, 288 armored vehicles, 12 self-propelled guns, 18 Grad volley fire systems, 183 infantry fighting vehicles and 12 mortars,” the head of the information center “Southeastern Front,” Konstantin Knyrik, told Russia’s Interfax News Service.

The expert military commentator “niqnaq” has provided more details, and accompanying analysis, reporting that the Ukrainian central government in Kiev claims that the equipment inside the park had been stored there by Russia, which would mean, if true, that the independence supporters are fighting against Vladimir Putin and his tanks, and not against Barack Obama and his (that is, his agents’, in Kiev — the government that owns this facility). He then goes on to provide video documentation that tanks recently spotted nearby were “bearing either the Russian tricolour flag and one the St George flag, therefore they definitely aren’t being driven by Kiev forces.” However, the current regime in Kiev came to power by using “false-flag” methods in order to place blame for the violence during the coup upon the President who was being overthrown, Viktor Yanukovych; so, the posting of those flags on those tanks proves nothing. Furthermore, the New York Times had previously reported uncritically and as if true, the lie from the Obama Administration, that tanks which had been operating in that area were Russian because (according to the White House’s lie) “no Ukrainian tank units have been operating in that area.” And Obama’s people have, also, from the air, been firebombing the residents of southeastern Ukraine.

Moreover, it simply beggars belief (except perhaps by the “news” “reporters,” or actually stenographers of White House lies, whom the Sulzberger-Ochs clan and other media-owning aristocratic families hire to fool their readers) that the hundreds of tanks at this Ukrainian government military facility in Artemovsk were Russia’s, instead of Ukraine’s; and that, somehow, Russia had managed secretly to swap-out its tanks for Ukraine’s tanks there.

All of this is occurring at the start of the Obama stooge Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s pre-announced 7-day halt in fighting, which started this weekend. However, if Surface-to-Air Missiles, or SAMs, happen to be included at that Artemovsk facility, then the bombers that Poroshenko sends in to carry out further bombings in southeastern Ukraine (whenever he resumes it) might encounter an even more effective resistance than before; and, so, though the Obama-supporting Kiev Post headlined on May 26th, “Poroshenko Pledges to Step Up Anti-Terrorism Operation, Bring Success within ‘Hours,’ Not Months,” the fantasy-mongering which emanates from this U.S. White House and from its Ukrainian stooge-of-the-moment, is clearly not credible to anyone except the most faithful of true-believers in America and in northwest Ukraine. This war that Obama started is clearly not proceeding as he had expected, and the seizure of that large weapons-depot in Artemovsk can only make things grimmer for the occupant of our “Oval Office.”

The background as to why Obama is doing this is briefly explained here (in a 4-minute video); and, in more detail and depth, here and here. And that is the reason why Obama is re-starting the Cold War.

However, at an even deeper level, some people wonder, “Why Does NATO Still Exist?” after the collapse of communism, and now during the global sway of capitalism, no longer challenged by either Russia or China. They have nothing to challenge it with; the “ideological war” is over. However, these are the types of questions that the American aristocracy, whose sole ultimate objective is to dominate not only the United States but the entire world, make sure that their “news” “reporters” simply ignore (or else treat with platitudes, if they do deal with it at all).

Because these questions are not discussed on the aristocracy’s “news”-media, the links have been provided here to the clearest reliable documentation known to this reporter in order to address these questions. Each reader of this report and of its links is welcomed to investigate each of these matters further on his or her own, such as by checking this out, and to take and accept nothing on faith, because faith is the aristocracy’s biggest weapon to use in controlling the public. That’s why aristocrats have spent billions pummeling the worldwide scientific community. Intelligent skepticism is the biggest threat to their power. Science itself is the enemy of tyranny.

And here is a typical way that Obama’s people of faith in Ukraine are proudly dealing with the people they “disagree with.” But increasingly, Obama’s stooges are losing support in Ukraine. One viewer of that youtube, Олександр Засим3, commented there: “given a couple of slaps in the face, well, why throw [the victim] into the river and … in the middle of the bridge? … Why so much cruelty? …  I [was] there, bent down to him! … I live in Ukraine, stood on the Maidan, but it is shameful … Enough [death] already!”

Obama’s policy has even driven many southeastern Ukrainians to become fanatically pro-Russian, because they see in Obama’s people the reflection of Adolf Hitler, and they are proud that Stalin destroyed Hitler’s forces. Viewing things in the perspective of their country’s history — now that Obama is forcing them to choose between Hitler and Stalin — they crave Stalin. That’s what this has come to. They are naturally disappointed to find that Putin is no Stalin; to them, he doesn’t seem to be fighting Obama’s stooges at all. These people are terrified, and they have reason to be. But, to Obama, and his Newspeak (to use George Orwell’s term for that), they are the “terrorists.”

And, so, ultimately, everyone must take sides: not between countries, nor between “races,” nor between “faiths,” but actually between the aristocracy and the public. In the United States, the aristocracy and its “Wall Street” have clearly won with crushing force, and so America’s “recession” has “ended” only for the aristocrats; but, now, this battle is being waged within every country; and, increasingly, also between the aristocracies of the various countries.

This is the reality; and, since the American aristocracy’s “news” media do not report it, it is likely to come as news, to whomever can find authentic news media, such as you have here, to report it.

The present news report is therefore being distributed free of charge for publication, to all U.S. mainstream and alternative news sites. The ones that reject it are controlled by the U.S. aristocracy. (In the West, this news report is what the Soviets used to call “samizdat.”) The few that report it (and just google its title, to find out which ones those are) are not controlled by them. And, maybe, as a voter who is seeking information about politics, that finding of yours will even turn out to be the most important news you will find.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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