Did Anyone Live In Palestine Prior to the Formation of Israel?

There Were People In Palestine

Many claim that no one lived in Palestine prior to the formation of the state of Israel. Indeed, Israel was sited in Palestine under the slogan:

“A land without a people for a people without a land” ….

But the history of Palestine is much more complicated:

The claim that no one lived in Palestine is undercut by this video footage shot in 1896:

And these images taken before the State of Israel was formed:

And any implication that there was no place called Palestine is undercut by this map from 1847:

(Click for larger image)

This map from 1861:

And hundreds of other antique maps.

The following is Palestine circa 100 AD according to Ptolemy (map by Claude Reignier Conder of the Palestine Exploration Fund):

File:Palestine, Ptolemy, Claude R Conder, 1889.jpg

And see this.

And here is a travel advertisement from the 1940s:


Additional, fascinating pictures here.

Update: Prominent Jewish leader Henry Siegman says:

[The idea that Palestine is a land without people for a people without land] was the common understanding and referred to repeatedly in Ari Shavit’s book and others, that the Zionist movement, at its very birth, was founded on an untruth, on a myth, that Palestine was a country without a people. And as he says, obviously—and he recognizes in his book that it was a lie. And therefore, from the very beginning, Zionism didn’t confront this profound moral dilemma that lay at its very heart.


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