Instead of Providing Evidence for Russian Guilt in Plane Shootdown, U.S. Says: Just TRUST Us … Because Those Iraq War Lies Are Ancient History

Image by Michael Rivero

U.S. State Department Says: We’re the Good Guys, and Russians Are Liars … So Just Take Our Word For It

In the following 5-minute clip from a question and answer session between State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf and the American press, the U.S. State Department says (stripped of fluff):

We’re the good guys who tell the truth, and Russians are liars.

Forget Iraq … that’s ancient history.

Just trust us.

If the Iraq war is too far back to qualify as modern history, the U.S. government also told a pack of lies LAST YEAR to try to start a war against Syria.  Or is that too long ago to be relevant to judging U.S. willingness to tell whoppers?

As Zero Hedge pointed out days ago, it doesn’t matter what really happened … the U.S. has announced that Russia did it.  Forget fiat money … this is fiat intelligence.

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