White House and Pentagon Slam Israeli Killing of Palestinian Civilians

Even Israel’s Main Ally Thinks It’s Gone Too Far

After Israel bombed another UN School – killing women and children – despite UN telling Israel 17 times that the school sheltered civilians, UN spokesman Chris Gunness said “the world stands disgraced”  by the attack.

Now, even the United States is slamming the attack.  As BBC reports:

“The shelling of a UN facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.


Mr Earnest said there was little doubt that the shells were fired by the Israeli military.


The Pentagon has joined the White House in criticising Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, saying the Gaza civilian casualty figure is too high.

“It’s become clear that the Israelis need to do more to live up to their very high standards – their very high and very public standards – for protecting civilian life,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren told news briefing.

The UN has also strongly condemned the continuing violence.

“The reality of Gaza today is that no place is safe,” UN humanitarian chief Baroness Valerie Amos told the Security Council.

The head of Unrwa, the main UN relief agency in Gaza, warned that “the population is facing a precipice”.

“Should further large-scale displacement indeed occur, the occupying power (Israel), according to international humanitarian law, will have to assume direct responsibility to assist these people,” Pierre Kraehenbuehl said.

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