Ukraine Busted In ANOTHER Lie

Ukrainian Propaganda Fizzles …

The Ukrainian government has been caught in lie after lie regarding the confrontation with Russia.

The newest fib was a whopper … As the Daily Mail reports:

Muddled security officials in Ukraine were last night forced to deny a huge Russian military convoy had been deployed in the eastern rebel-run city of Lugansk.

The strong rebuttal suggested an earlier claim about an invasion by Vladimir Putin’s troops amounted to a crude propaganda move by the pro-Western Kiev government – or deep confusion in its own ranks.

The original allegation of a Russian column arriving in Lugansk came from Lt-Gen Igor Voronchenko, head of the Ukrainian Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the city, and  was backed by military analyst Dmitry Tymchuk.

‘There are tanks, Grad artillery, APCs, accompanied by about 1,200 men dressed in the army uniform of Russian Federation,’ the general was quoted saying in an assertion calculated to alarm the West.

Yet there was no confirmation on Wednesday from NATO or other Western sources which was widely reported inside Ukraine.

The claim was also contradicted  closer to home by Kiev’s National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko who dismissed it as ‘strange’.

‘Intelligence is not confirming the existence of this column,’ he said.


Vorochenko and a chorus of social media sources had indicated a recent move.

‘We can confirm this information. This army column got to Ukraine about three days ago,’ he said.

Nice try …

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