VIDEO: How Much Is A Trillion?

Chapter 12 of the Crash Course is now publicly available and ready for watching below.

One trillion is a big number. In this short video, we try to help you get a sense for just how big; but the reality is simply that the human brain can’t really suitably comprehend magnitudes this large.

Which is why we should be concerned that the US’ money supply has ballooned to over $12 trillion dollars over the past decade. And that its outstanding debts and liabilities are many multiples that amount.

We are living in an era where our leaders are making decisions at orders of magnitude that they simply can’t truly understand. And many politicians have less expertise in math, economics or business than most of you reading this. When they vote for the next trillion-dollar bailout, raise the debt level by another trillion, or pressure the Federal Reserve for another trillion-dollar stimulus program – they don’t have any real sense of what the implications will be. No one can.

We have reached the point where we’re operating in territory beyond our neural programming.

As a result, unintended consequences to our current policies are guaranteed.

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