.01% poverty-murder a million children monthly: that’s 1,000 miles of 4-lane freeway traffic

Legal definition of murder includes both reckless lack of concern, and deaths connected to commission of crimes.

Poverty deaths (and war-murders) from the .01%’s unlawful Wars of Aggression are easily proved (here, here, here, here). Poverty deaths from neo-imperialism and fundamental economic fraud (such as claiming bank-debt is “money,” such debt is “good,” and “advice” is sound when obvious solutions are intentionally ignored) is more complicated, and just as damning (here, here, here, here).

The number of human children who gruesomely, painfully, and slowly die from easily preventable poverty is one million every month (and here).

Because human beings don’t operate with quantities in the millions, this scale of human slaughter by a psychopathically evil .01% is almost impossible to imagine.

But you should try:

  • Imagine a 4-lane freeway with four cars in every lane, each filled with four children. Twenty-two yards behind those cars are four more, with this pattern continuing. This ~1,000 children per mile rate would make continuous traffic for ~1,000 miles. One thousand miles would be a continuous loop from San Francisco to San Diego, or a continuous loop from Boston to Washington, D.C., or a straight line anywhere in the US about one-third across the country.
  • If we put the children in coffins and filled 18-wheel trucks with a capacity of ~200 per truck, and put those vehicles on the 4-lane freeway, this would equal ~350 miles of traffic.
  • Given US Major League Baseball playoffs are on, poverty-murders of children every day also equals an average game’s attendance during the regular season.
  • Since 9/11, US reneged promises to end poverty have killed over 100 million children, twice the number of children enrolled in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade in the US.
  • Since the .01%’s reneged promises from just 1998, the total deaths from preventable poverty is conservatively greater than from all wars, revolutions, murders, accidents, and suicides in the 20th and 21st centuries.*
  • Since the 1990 World Summit for Children where the promise to end poverty was (again) sincerely pledged, total deaths from poverty eclipse all the above categories of death in all known human history.*

Consensus among leading organizations is that ending poverty would require an investment from developed nations of just 0.7% of their GNI (gross national income), with a total 10-year cost of between $1 trillion and $3 trillion. Current US wars since 9/11 have a long-term cost now between $4 trillion and $6 trillion. This means that the US alone could have ended global poverty just since 9/11 for half the cost for their wars (also for perspective, 11 days of ongoing war cost would pay all tuition for US public college students).

The .01% hide $21 trillion to $32 trillion in offshore tax havens, with the top seven US banks hiding over $10 trillion. These hidden hoards would end poverty on ~10 to 42 Earths.

The leverage point to remove the .01% is for those of us among the 99.99% with arrest authority to exercise it to lawfully stop these murders directly connected to criminal wars and economic fraud. Those of us with Oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” are honor-bound to expose and end these Orwellian crimes.

We invite all interested to demand arrests as lawful response to restore explicit limits to government power, and prevent children’s deaths directly connected to unlawful wars and fraudulent economic.

Have you committed your voice, heart, and mind?

*Assuming 15 years of poverty deaths totaling 225 million and 23 years at 400 million (poverty deaths have decreased over the past 20 years) compared to the estimates of 160 million war deaths from Scaruffi, P., Wars and Casualties of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and 230 million from Leitenberg, M, Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century, (along with the relatively smaller numbers for murders, accidents, and suicides). Total global deaths in recorded history is probably a safe estimate given a global population of ~1.6 billion in 1900. My assignment for high school students on ending poverty with all of the documentation: The Economics of Ending PovertyDespite the investment to save a million children’s lives each month from preventable poverty being just 0.7% of our gross national income, despite that every historical case of ending poverty reduces population growth rates, and despite US promises to make that investment at global summits, the 1% “leadership” in government and corporate media renege and ignore all promises to end this crushing torture, these excruciating and prolonged deaths of children.

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