Americans Are Much More Concerned about Ebola than Terrorists or War

ISIS, Terrorism and War Have Been Upstaged By Ebola

This chart from Google Trends shows that Americans are much more concerned about Ebola than ISIS or any other terrorists (Ebola is the graph in blue):

Americans are so concerned about Ebola that the second hottest search term today – behind only the trade of football star Percy Harvin – is Obama’s appointment of an  “Ebola Czar”, Ron Klain:

I scrolled through pages of Google trends search results, and didn’t find any interest by the American people in ISIS, the war in Syria, Iraq, the civil war in Ukraine, or conflicts anywhere in the world in which our military or intelligence services are involved.

Americans are sick and tired of war.  And even ISIS didn’t hold the attention of the American public for very long, especially when faced with something of which they are much more afraid,  and which is occurring much closer to home.

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